Drinks Blogger Q&A: Mackey, Drinking Knoxville

A new blog's life expectancy is sadly short; it begins with earnest intentions to strike a bold path of self-expression, and usually ends with a death knell of ennui. They die by the thousands each week. But even in this age of tweets, there are old-fashioned blogs worth seeking out—especially local ones. Here are just a few local blogs to bookmark, if you haven't already.

Drinking Knoxville


Bloggers: Mackey and Lord von Lord

Occupation: N/A

Blog Started: April 2008

Sample Post:

"Yeah, so I've managed to acquire a bar globe. Nothing fancy, I didn't buy it airdrunk from Skymall or the Westerfield estate but it will serve in the beginning. Numerous early ideas about painting it like Unicron or the Death Star were bounced around. Like so much else, we just cut through the shit and accepted the status quo so as to get drinking ‘right damn now.'"

Why did you decide to create Drinking Knoxville?

Our group of drunkards has had a great time drinking our way through Knoxville over the years and thought it would be fun to chronicle some of our experiences via a blog. Most of our stories haven't made it to the blog for a variety of reasons, usually because we're too lazy or hungover to make the effort. Plus we thought it would be a good way to highlight some of our favorite bars and find new ones that we like. (We pen it anonymously in order to keep our jobs—something we learned from Christmas Ape, a blogger at Kissing Suzy Kolber who got fired from The Washington Post.)

How would you describe its "mission"?

(from our very first two posts):

Welcome to Drinking Knoxville - a blog written by local drunks for all you other drinkers out there.

What to expect: drunken stories, juvenile humor, crude obscenities, local opinions, sports references, bar and brand reviews, amateur writing.

What Not to expect: political correctness, responsible behavior, quality graphics, decency, sense.

How much of your time do you devote to it?

We try to post something a couple of times a week but that doesn't always happen. We started with five authors and have been working with only two for over a year. It's too bad because we had some really good writers who decided to bail on us.

Have you gotten any interesting feedback?

The most interesting feedback has been the response from out-of-town visitors who were searching the Internet for Knoxville information. Sometimes there are bands or shows coming to town looking for additional promotion, but usually we hear from people who just stumbled across the blog and liked what they read.

Which post has gotten the biggest reaction?

Our readers do not submit a lot of comments, so it is difficult to gauge reactions. However, we usually get the most reaction about bars or alcohol reviews. The posts on "Icing" and the review of a Metro Pulse article about local bartenders (August '08) got some attention.

Do you have any goals for the blog beyond just writing it?

There really aren't any goals beyond amusing ourselves from time to time. Initially, when we had more writers on board, we thought we'd cover the whole town: UT sports, new bars and restaurants, happy hours, drink recipes, events and festivals, product reviews, special guest posts, etc. All that went out the window in the first couple of months. It's hard to find good help who will write for free.

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