The Barkley Marathons by the Numbers

Official distance: 100 miles

Unofficial distance, according to "Frozen" Ed Furtaw: 130 miles

Time limit: 60 hours

Fun Run distance: 60 miles

Fun Run time limit: 40 hours

Elevation change for the 2011 course: 118,200 feet

Average gradient for the 2011 course: 22.39 percent

Amount of runnable trail on the 2011 course: 59.6 percent

Number of finishers, out of approximately 700 entrants, since 1986: 10

Number of repeat finishers: 0

Entrants in 2011: 40

Finishers in 2011: 1

Race record: 55 hours, 42 minutes (Brian Robinson, 2008)

World record for 100 miles on a standard 400-meter track: 11 hours, 28 minutes

Closest winning margin: 3 minutes, 7 seconds (Mike Tilden over Jim Nelson, 2004)

Official record for futility: 2.95 miles in 31 hours, 42 minutes (Dan Baglione in 2006)

Number of runners banned from the race by Frozen Head State Park officials: 1 (Baglione)

Notable geographical features: Testicle Spectacle, Rat Jaw, Son of a Bitch Ditch, Meth Lab Hill, Big Hell, the Garden Spot, Prison Mine Road, and the Bad Thing

Typical nicknames of runners: "Raw Dog," "Cave Dog," "Frozen Ed," "Old Gristle," "Animal"