Bacon Lust

Oh baby! Trendy chefs, passionate local bacon maker Allan Benton, and a no-inhibitions BaconFest 2010 lead us all into temptation.

Ah, the temptress. Smoky. Sultry. Sizzling. The scent, the texture, it cannot be ignored. One slip, a nibble. It is never enough. Another, and another, and another.

Sated? For a time. But the longing for the next encounter always returns, now perhaps entwined with the desire for a new way to enjoy.

Such is the allure of bacon. Many a straightlaced diner has succumbed to its unctuous, fat-laden siren song; even the resolve of a devoted, committed vegetarian has toppled before this irresistible lure.

Bacon. Here. Now. Yum. Mine.

And while this is an age-old tale of seduction, it has a new twist. Led by innovative chefs, charmers one and all, bacon is slinking from the breakfast table and the diner BLT into heretofore forbidden places: the trendiest savories, the most decadent dessert delights, in home skillets and on swank dining room small plates. And the passion is brazen: Our city will host its own BaconFest this weekend, and hundreds will attend, reveling in creamy, crispy, chewy, lascivious, heady treats without inhibition.

"Oh, bacon," Knoxville swoons.

Sweet, sweet temptation, this bacony goodness. Lead on.