8 Notable Knoxville Facebook Whores

Hey, I didn't call them Facebook Whores, at least not first—Bonnaroo organizer and local music promoter Ashley Capps called himself that. And with his 3,796 friends, and witnessing the time he wrote four words about a bike ride and got around 20 comments, I'm inclined to agree. And as a natural extension, I've decided to apply the same term to some other Facebookers from these parts. Now, they might not be the undisputed top of the heap: My only criteria was that I could track them down easily. Almost all of them are friends with each other on Facebook. Another hint to their broad-minded views on who would constitute a "friend" on Facebook: All but Todd Steed and Con Hunley are Facebook friends with me, even though I'm decidedly uncool and tend to post Glee YouTube videos and rants against teens on my wall. Here's the rundown, including a typical status update:

Ashley Capps, 3,796 friends, June 7: "Time to prioritize! Off to Prater's Bar-B-Que for dinner with my Jewish vegetarian friend Kenny..."

Jenny Ballard, 2,871 friends, May 16: "is working on ‘Romeo and Juliet.' ‘Complete Works' is finally blocked! Now, the trick is to keep breathing..."

Jeff Barbra, 2,736 friends, June 8: "God has blessed [me] with such a great wife, great friends, talent to write songs and play music, a roof over my head, 3 goats, 4 dogs, 3 chickens, a truck that runs"

Con Hunley, 2,404 friends, June 15: "Con Hunley and Rascal Flatts at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, TN 2010" (post includes photos)

Tinah Utsman, 2,348 friends, June 17: "homeless man is good samaritan... [linked to news story, ‘Homeless Man Rescues Dog Dumped in 6-Foot Oil Pit'"]

Chris Woodhull, 2,215 friends, June 14: "Support Freedom Schools! This Thursday June 17th"

Todd Steed, 1,675 friends, June 17: "I had never even heard of monkfish until about a monk ago."

Bill Snyder, 1,450 friends, May 25: "Bill and Squatter's Rites are now friends."