11 Dashed Development Hopes for Knoxville

That "earth-toned pavers," not concrete, would be installed as the surface in Market Square

That the repeatedly promised public bathroom would finally be installed in the Market Square redevelopment project

That Volunteer Landing would come with better pedestrian connections to downtown

That we'd figure out the Tennessee Amphitheatre as a functional performance space

That Northshore Town Center, Knoxville's first new-urbanist project in a new-development area, would capture the imagination of investors and by now be a model of suburban innovation

That South Knoxville Waterfront development, to be the hallmark of a new administration, would be at least visibly underway

That plans to rebuild the Henley Street Bridge would prompt city or state-level plans to fix Henley Street

That our intermodal transit center would be at least potentially intermodal

That more comprehensive and coherent care would be taken in the architectural design of the Convention Center, the most expensive building ever built in the area, and as expensive as many of the great architectural landmarks of the globe.

That after large-scale demolitions of historic buildings and rival large-scale proposals, beginning in the 1990s, we would have found something interesting to do with the featureless plain east of State Street and north of Union

That we'd have built a new main library by now