Facebook Saves the Day—Again

From the logs of the Knoxville Police Department

Earlier this month, Knoxville hosted the 2011 Easy Riders Bike Show Tour, which if you don't know is the "biggest, baddest bike show in America!" With over 250 motorcycles, it must have been a bike show to remember, and one visitor thought that she ought to buy a T-shirt to commemorate it. However, when she returned home she noticed the ring from her finger was missing. According to a Knoxville Police report, the victim concluded the following:

While the unassuming bike enthusiast was shopping for souvenir clothing, she was approached by two smiling female vendors. Friendly and chatty, they over-assisted the victim with her purchase, dousing her with quips and compliments. Once the victim had finished her business at the souvenir booth, the T-shirt toting bike femmes immediately changed their behavior. They began to act anxious and impatient, annoyed that the victim was lingering for conversation.

When the victim returned home, the ring was gone. The method? She theorizes that when the vendors assisted in removing her jacket, they carefully slid the sleeve down her arm, pulling the ring off with it in one fluid motion.

Before realizing she had been robbed, the victim thought she had made two new friends. In fact, she had become so closely acquainted with them she was able to confirm their identities using Facebook—and then promptly reported them to KPD.