Facebook Ho's and Pimps, an Update

Yeah, I did state that my list of "8 Notable Knoxville Facebook Whores" in the June 24 "lists" issue of Metro Pulse was by no means definitive, but there are three more who just beg to be included. Here's the original list, then the additions with sample status updates:

Ashley Capps, 3,796 friends; Jenny Ballard, 2,871 friends, Jeff Barbra, 2,736 friends, Con Hunley, 2,404 friends, Tinah Utsman, 2,348 friends, Chris Woodhull 2,215 friends, Todd Steed 1,697 friends, Bill Snyder, 1,450 friends

Billy Kidd Wimz, 4,632 friends, June 24: "Duck Face To all those chicks who make a stupid duck face in pictures." (link to video)

Russ Huckaba, 3,725 friends, "Activities: Boating, Sports, Deep Thinking...."

Myles Walker, 3,196 friends, June 27: "This is the front cover of my book, "Me & My Tourettes Motivated By God" is available NOW!... Thank you 1LUV"

One other point well made by Todd Steed as he was "friend requesting" me to become his 1,697 friend: "I ain't a Facebook ho, I'm a Facebook pimp." So true friend, so true.