Whitechapel Set to Release Third Album, 'A New Era of Corruption,' on Metal Blade

One of the bands most people in Knoxville are least likely to have ever heard of is also, paradoxically, one of the area's most popular. The Maryville-based death-metal band Whitechapel sold 55,000 copies of its 2008 Metal Blade album This Is Exile, which cracked the Billboard top 200, and they're appearing on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

So expectations are high for A New Era of Corruption, the band's third album, due out on June 8. The band even recruited Chino Moreno of Deftones for guest vocals on the song "Reprogrammed to Hate." One of the few advance reviews, at The NewReview, names the new disc "Whitechapel's masterpiece." "From the middle bridge and solo of ‘Breeding Violence' to the absolutely grooving breakdown in ‘Unnerving,' every part of this album is listenable, memorable, and remarkable. ... The songwriting is razor sharp, with nary a section sounding out of place. The songs move fluidly from verse to chorus to bridge to solo and back again; no hitches, no unnecessary filler. It all belongs; it all fits."