Westside Daredevils Plan One Last Show

A couple of months ago, after more than a decade together, the Westside Daredevils made two simultaneous announcements: one, that all of their official recordings, including a brand-new (and long-awaited) self-titled disc, were immediately available for download at their new Bandcamp page, and two, that they were breaking up. Plagued by lineup troubles over the last few years, the purveyors of splendid indie guitar pop decided to make Westside Daredevils their final bow.

There's one last scene in the band's final act, though. The WSDD will play one last show on Saturday, Sept. 21, at Pilot Light. New Jersey's Successful Failures will open the show, with the Daredevils playing two headlining sets—one with the band's most recent lineup (guitarist/vocalists Brett Cassidy, Jeff Caudill, and John T. Baker, bassist Brandon Smith, and drummer Gray Comer) playing the newest material and a second with the early 2000s lineup (Cassidy, Caudill, and Smith, with Comer on guitars and vocals and drummer Mike Dougherty) playing songs from that period.