The Vaygues: 'Dead Town and Other Selections'

The Vaygues

Dead Town and Other Selections

As fashionable as it's become to plunder old genres for easy cheers, there's no sign on Dead Town that Knoxville mod-rockers the Vaygues have anything less than complete, qualified commitment to the jangly guitar pop of yesteryear. You'd be forgiven, listening to the bouncily sullen "Time" or the catchy "What'cha Settle For," if you mistook the songs for Nuggets outtakes. Even when influences creep in from further down the timeline (organist Nathan Moses steers opener "Not Taking Chances" hard into light psychedelia, and you can sometimes hear them fighting back punk impulses), the band's straight-faced revivalism never falters. Dead Town sandwiches four new songs between the tracks from this year's self-titled 7-inch; it's a great way for the band to close out 2011 and usher in 1964.