Thoroughfare Prepares New Album for January Release

The local alternative rock band Thoroughfare is finishing up work on its as-yet-untitled second full-length album, which drummer Colin Cunningham says should be out in early January.

"We've been working on it since February, but we've been working on the songs since the summer of '08," Cunningham says. "We didn't realize it was going to be a record. We put out our first full-length CD a couple of years ago and didn't think we'd put out another record. We thought we'd do what Copper has done, just put out single after single. But it got to the point where we realized we've got to put something out."

Local hotshot producer Travis Wyrick, who produced Thoroughfare's 2007 disc As Yet Unborn, is also producing the new album, which Cunningham says is tentatively called A Day Without Fire. That's one of a handful of titles the band is considering and also the title of what Cunningham says is his favorite song from the recent recording sessions.

"We wrote it three days before going into the studio," he says. "The three original members and me just jammed and wrote it in about five hours."

Wyrick also encouraged the band—Cunningham, his brother Cameron Cunningham on keyboards, singer Jordan Beach, bassist Thomas Boyd, and new guitarist Seth Rowlette—to work with other songwriters, including members of local major-label act 10 Years and Keith Wallen of Copper.

"We've got a whole new spin on things from touring and meeting people and growing up," Cunningham says. "The biggest thing we've figured out is that for the longest time we did what we thought other people wanted to hear, and we're just not very good at that.... The new songs are a lot less polished-sounding. There's a lot more of a live feel to it."

Rowlette, a University of Tennessee art school grad, has reached out to former professors and current students for submissions to be considered for the album artwork.

Thoroughfare opens for 10 Years and Down From Up at the Valarium on Sunday, Dec. 27.