Thoroughfare Gets a New Name and a New Singer

Back in November, local alt-rock band Thoroughfare announced plans for a new album this month. Those plans fell through back in December, when the group parted way with singer Jordan Beach, who has since revived an occasional solo career with acoustic gigs in West Knoxville.

The remaining members of Throroughfare got back on track that same month when they hired Lindsey Stamey, formerly of Morristown's Vertigo, as their new singer and changed the name of the band to the Few. Their first show together is scheduled for the Square Room on Friday, Feb. 26.

"It all happened relatively quickly, which is really cool," says drummer Colin Cunningham. "We'd been friends with Lindsey for years. We had another guy pretty much hired, a guy from Nashville, and then she asked us, ‘Why didn't you hire me?' We tried her out that week, right before New Year's Eve. The first night we played with her, we said, ‘You're in. You're amazing.'"

Vertigo broke up in late November.

Cunningham says the new lineup—him, Stamey, Cunningham's brother Cameron on keyboards, bassist Thomas Boyd, and guitarist Seth Rowlette—have written two new songs and reworked four of the seven that had been recorded for the second Thoroughfare album.

"It's totally changed the sound of the band, but for the better," Cunningham says. "The vocals are just stupid good, and it's all catchy and interesting. She has a vocal range that will blow your mind."