Superdrag's 'Head Trip in Every Key' Finally Gets Vinyl Reissue

Back in 1998, before the beginning of the end of the CD era and the new vinyl renaissance we’re living in today, Superdrag released its second album, Head Trip in Every Key. Flush with money from Elektra Records after the surprise success of their 1996 debut, Regretfully Yours, the band headed to Bearsville, N.Y., to record its expansive, sonically detailed headphone masterpiece, full of strings, keyboards, and sitar. Just look at the cover—that album was intended for vinyl. But in all these years, it’s never had a proper record release.

Until next month, that is, when Los Angeles label SideOneDummy Records issues Head Trip as a double-LP set.

“I didn’t even own a CD player when we made those records,” says former Superdrag guitarist and singer John Davis in a press release.

The Head Trip release will be accompanied by the official release of Jokers W/ Tracers, a collection of demos from the Head Trip sessions.

Both the album and the demo collection will be available on Aug. 12. Pre-orders can be made at SideOneDummy.