In the Studio With Angel Zuniga Martinez and Pegasi 51

Singer/songwriter Angel Zuniga Martinez, formerly of Angel and the Love Mongers, is finishing up work on his first solo album. Martinez has regrouped with ex-Love Mongers drummer Eric Nowinski, who's engineering the new disc, tentatively titled The Cage, at Nowinski's Rock Snob Recordings. Martinez says eight songs are complete and seven more are nearly done. He has a CD release show scheduled for mid-January at the Bijou Theatre with Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishops Band and Nashville singer/songwriter Marie Hines.

Also in the studio: Pegasi 51, working on their first project since Le Petite Morte in 2001. They've been working at Rock Snob since September, and guitarist Greg McGuire says the band is about "three-quarters of the way" through the new album, which they hope to release in January. McGuire says the title is "still up in the air, but we talk about it all the time."

"We're also definitely putting out a CD," he adds. "Downloads are fine, but having something you can physically hold is still rewarding to me."

Pegasi 51 plays at 4620 Revisited on Friday, Nov. 20, and at the Speakeasy on Saturday, Nov. 21.