Stir it Up: Tim Lee Blends Hip-Hop and Rock in New Music Showcase

Local rocker Tim Lee just finished up a month-long series of shows at Pilot Light with R.B. Morris, and his trio, the Tim Lee 3, has a new album due out soon (along with an EP and a live disc that are in the works.)

That's apparently not enough to keep him busy, so he's helping to mastermind an upcoming show at the Well in Bearden called the Knoxville Blender. The idea comes from Lee's nephew, Garrad Lee, and his friend Cody Cox, who have organized a series of rock and hip-hop shows in Jackson, Miss. The local version, set for Saturday, Nov. 17, will feature the Tim Lee 3, local hip-hop/rock fusion act the Theorizt, and, from Jackson, the rock band Liver Mousse and rappers 5th Child and James Crow.

"We played a show with Liver Mousse in Jackson this summer, and when we saw what Garrad and Cody were doing, we got really excited," Lee says in a press release for the event. "Before we left town that weekend, we started making plans to bring the Blender to Knoxville. Then I ran the idea by Black Atticus from the Theorizt, and he was down with it, so we started working on a date and a venue."

The show starts at 9 p.m. Admission is $5 (21 and up).