Standing Small Offers Big Melodies on 'Asleep at the Oars'

Standing Small

Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Standing Small isn't shy about the main influence behind their new album Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom, citing the release as a musical journey directed by the Lord. The Christian alt-rock band—Ryan Fletcher, Ben Howard, Corey Goins, and Joseph W. Dunlap—has been working on the album for almost three years and, following the lead of multiple other local acts, has relied heavily on donations from fans in order to finance the recording. Fueled by melodic keyboards ("Oh Brother") and not-so-subtle metaphors ("Man Overboard"), Asleep at the Oars, the group's third album, explores the symbolic relationship between a captain and his crew. And by favoring echoing vocals layered with keys, the group follows adult-alternative acts such as Coldplay in order to translate their message.