The Square Room: Squared Away

The Square Room held its grand opening in pretty grand style on Saturday night, with a crowd of just under 200 people—most of whom appeared to be under 30, and few of whom seemed to be the usual suspects who turn out for Knoxville concerts—turning out to see the first performance at the new listening room located near the southeast corner of Market Square. Opening act Clare and the Reasons and headliners My Brightest Diamond showed off the room's stellar acoustics, which made room for every single instrument and voice coming from the stage during the show. The space includes hardwood floors, a tall ceiling with exposed fixtures, and a large window looking out on the dining room of the adjacent Cafe 4.

"It was exactly what we envisioned about it being a listening atmosphere and a captive audience," says the club's booking director, Ben Bannister. "But the turnout and the energy in the room exceeded all my expectations."