Senryu Releases New Single, New Album "Inkling" Due in March on El Deth

Knoxville's long-running art-pop band Senryu, led by prolific frontman/singer/guitarist Wil Wright, have just released the first single from their upcoming album, Inkling. "Obsess Much?" is a glitchy track with hints of disco, chanted vocals, and a catchy, synth-heavy chorus in the middle.

Inkling is due out on March 11 on Arrison Kirby's local El Deth label.

Senryu also recently recorded four songs for Daytrotter, a series of daily shows based in Illinois that features established and up-and-coming indie-rock bands. The songs—"House of Tarantulas," "Oubliette," "Shiver and Shine," and "Posture Perfect"—were posted on Jan. 20.

"Stay away from the dream-world of Wil Wright if you're wary of your own nightmares," writes Sean Moeller on the site. "Cause the ones that this man harbors and has over for sleepovers are doozies. They're monsters and they smother you with creeping vines that will pull on you for days. The sinister things that the Knoxville, Tennessee, musician is riddled with when he sleeps are terribly disturbing and they're just as terribly inspirational and entertaining as we're welcomed bedside for his séance—an event of great, spectacularly arbitrary substance. We can watch a man possessed, not by Satan, but by everything else."