Sean McCollough Takes New WDVX Kids' Radio Show Live

Shades of Howdy Doody, only no puppet and the host will be Sean McCollough, not Cowboy Bob, and he'll play banjo and guitar. Nearly three months after its WDVX debut in June, McCollough will take his weekly radio show, KidStuff, live once a month beginning with the Saturday, Aug. 27, broadcast. Best known to legal-agers as a member of the LoneTones and the John Myers Band, McCollough has always favored putting a few kids' songs into his repertoire, and released a collection of them, This Is Our House, in November. The disc has picked up an approval rating from the pretty prestigious Parents Choice Foundation for 2011, and some of the tracks will be played on the live show, as they do on the pre-taped version. The centerpiece for the spontaneous episodes, though, will be a kid performer, chosen by the staff at the Joy of Music School, where weekly lessons and instruments are provided to disadvantaged and at-risk kids at no charge.

"The show's an hour long, and probably 10 minutes of that will be the kid performer, playing whatever they've been learning in their lessons at the time," McCollough says. "They'll probably also play something with me, too, and we'll have other adult performers doing music for kids."

For the premiere episode, McCollough's put together what he calls a "little band," which includes Kyle Campbell of the Bearded and Nancy Brennan Strange, along with some other members of the LoneTones. Look for ex-Knoxvillian Phil Pollard to show up soon—even though he reportedly dwells in Richmond, Va., the Band of Humans' frontman has already been on the canned show twice.