Scruffy City Ramble: The Show Will Go On

In last week's Eye on the Scene, we reported that the Scruffy City Ramble, the monthly Americana concert series that has been held on the third Thursday of the month at the Square Room since March 2012, is officially on hold after New City Resources took over booking at the venue and has planned a weekly singer/songwriter night on Thursdays. However, at least one more installment of Scruffy City Ramble—featuring Australian singer/songwiter Henry Wagons, Nashville country musician Sturgill Simpson, local pop songwriter Lydia Salnikova, and Johnson City folk-rock band This Mountain—will be held at the Square Room, on Thursday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m.

Organizer Chyna Brackeen says the series will definitely continue at a venue to be determined.

"It is true that the Square Room informed me that they now have a conflict on Thursdays, and as such Scruffy City Ramble will be finding a new home after February—but the show is not ‘on hold' in any shape, form, or fashion," Brackeen writes in an e-mail. "I'm saddened that we will have to find a new venue, as the Square Room's location, vibe, and amenities make it perfect—but it's simply not feasible to move a production as large as Scruffy to another night of the week at this point. I'm willing to consider that down the line, but we've got artists booked through May and have to stay on Thursdays at least until then."