Scott Miller Releases New Single, With New Album to Follow Soon

It's been two years since Scott Miller released For Crying Out Loud, the first disc on his own F.A.Y. label after a long run with the bluegrass diehards Sugar Hill. Details are slim—no title or anticipated release date has been announced—but Miller finally has a new album on the way, again courtesy of F.A.Y. (He released an EP of Christmas songs last year.) And he has a nifty new single called "Lo Siento, Spanishburg, W. Va." out to promote it.

The new song, a ballad about the not-so-good old days, with a few Spanish-sounding guitar runs, is streaming online now and will be available for download on July 12. Miller explains the song's background in a press release: "My wife is from the town of Athens, W.Va., in Mercer County. Up the road from Athens is the town of Spanishburg. Every time I'd pass by, I would start to envision what I thought it would be like there. Like the road attraction South of the Border in South Carolina with cheap Baja shirts and fireworks? Or maybe a quiet town with sleepy-eyed señoritas and a kick-ass Mexican restaurant!

"Turns out Spanishburg is a quaint little town not yet discovered by the land-grabbing retirees of Northern Virginia. (It's only a matter of time...) That is what is happening to the town where I grew up just across the border into Virginia. Soon the people that grew up there won't be able to afford to live there. It's the way of the world, I guess. Poor folks build it, rich folks buy it."

The single version of the song differs from the version that will appear on Miller's new album, and reflects Miller's disgust with the rich folks buying up towns like Spanishburg. The third verse of the song is accompanied by a backing chorus of "F--k all y'all," which, not coincidentally, is what the abbreviation in his label name stands for.