Scary Movie: Ash Spill Documentary

Keith McDaniel, the brains behind the Secret City Film Festival in Oak Ridge, is planning a documentary about the TVA ash spill in Kingston and is looking for people whose homes and businesses have been affected by the disaster.

"I grew up in Roane County and my father worked at the Kingston Steam Plant for more than 30 years," McDaniel says in a press release. "As a Roane Countian and documentary filmmaker, I feel compelled to make sure this story is told honestly and accurately. Those whose lives have been affected by this disaster are our friends and our neighbors and we have an obligation to document the causes of and the ramifications of this event—not only for the rest of the world but for future generations."

Potential contributors can reach McDaniel at by e-mail or (865) 742-8783.

McDaniel's most recent film, The Clinton 12 (watch the trailer), is narrated by James Earl Jones and is airing nationwide on PBS.