Robinella's Streak Comes to an End

After 11 years of weekly shows, Robinella's regular-as-clockwork Sunday night gig at Barley's Taproom in the Old City has come to an end. Robinella played her last weekly set on Sunday, Aug. 30. Barley's manager Rodney Lee says the parting was amicable, adding that the bar has plans to host Robinella again, several times a year perhaps.

"The crowd hasn't been what it used to be," Lee says. "It's hard to have a weekly gig in this town."

Lee also says the regular engagement "wasn't doing her any justice."

There were a few breaks here and there over the years—she took time off to tour and for the births of her two children—but otherwise Robinella had been a fixture at Barley's since 1998, first with her now-ex-husband Cruz Contreras and the CC String Band and most recently with her own backing band. Robinella and the CC String Band released three albums, including their self-titled 2003 disc for Columbia Records, during the Barley's run; Robinella released her own album, Solace for the Lonely, on Dualtone in 2006. She has a new record set for December.

To commemorate the end of her streak, she sold copies of Live at Barley's, a collection of highlights from the last 11 years, at the Aug. 30 show.

Additional reporting by Lauren Byram