On the Road With Oversat

Knoxville's crazed garage-surf punks Oversat are wrapping up a spring tour short on days but long on miles. Starting on March 24, the band hit Memphis, Dallas, El Paso, Scottsdale, Ariz., San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Ariz., Amarillo, Tulsa, and Nashville, ending with a Knoxville show on Friday, April 6 at Pilot Light. Named for two upcoming releases, the Summer in the City Tour covered 13 far-flung cities in just 14 days.

"There are just too many cool towns to cover on one tour," says guitarist/vocalist Jared Cooper. "We chose some of those destinations because we have friends there, mostly ex-Knoxvillians. Other than that, we just took shows from the promoters that got back to us the quickest."

Oversat's new EP, Summer Saved Me, is available for free download at the band's Soundcloud page. A second EP, In the City, will be available this summer. As to the future of the band, Cooper says that the only goal is to keep it going.

"We play because it's fun to do and I want people to have fun at our shows," he says. "If we break even, that's success. I just hope that by this time next year we'll still be on the road supporting yet another record and hopefully people will have heard of us—including the people of Knoxville."