Relix Variety Theatre Opens in Downtown North

The latest addition to Happy Holler, aka Downtown North, is the Relix Variety Theatre, a new multi-use bar/performance space in the old White Store building at 1208 N. Central St. Right now the new venue, opened by prominent Downtown North developer Daniel Schuh, has scheduled some private events and parties, but Schuh anticipates Relix becoming a full-time restaurant/bar/music club in the near future.

There are a handful of events open to the public scheduled for May: a fashion show by Salon Azure Hair Studio (May 1), a performance by Boston folk singer Eric Sommer (May 7), and a CD release show for local piano-pop group Hudson K (May 8).

Relix is already hosting a regular Thursday night musicians' showcase called Closed Mic Night, which Schuh says he intends as a "collaborative workshop" between working and amateur musicians.

Shine will be Hudson K's first full-length album. It's been in production for several months, and will be the group's first release since a 2007 EP. The CD release show will feature the band, led by singer/songwriter Christina Horn, as well as a long list of local musicians appearing as special guests, including Brent Thompson, Jonathan Sexton, Ben Maney, Taylor Brown, Candice McQueen, Michael Davis of Medford's Black Record Collection, Jen Rock, Laura Bost, Rachel Schlafer-Parton, Erin Archer, and the Lake Terrace String Trio.