R.B. Morris to Headline Benefit for Josh Foder

"Josh Foder has been the personal guidance counselor to Knoxville bohemia for 14 years," says singer and sometime Dolly-in-drag performer Chris Hamblin. "Now we are giving our favorite bartender one giant tip."

Foder worked at the Longbranch Saloon on Cumberland Avenue until a recent leg injury robbed him of his means of support. Hamblin and other members of the eclectic group of general Longbranch community artists and musicians will host "Foderoo: For the Love of Josh" at the Longbranch on Thursday, June 11, at 7 p.m. to raise money for Foder's medical expenses and for his year-old son, Jack.

R.B. Morriswill headline, and other Foder fans scheduled to perform include Jeff Heiskell, the ska band The Hits, Hamblin and Robinson (otherwise known as Chris Hamblin and Emily Robinson of the Tenderhooks), Dance Machine, Sean DeChant, and ames Landon Coffee—and who knows how many other Longbranch regulars from years and decades past.

"It's probably the first and last time these acts will share the same stage," Hamblin says. "All these people are kind of iconic in a certain way, but their audiences don't come together much. So screw Bonnaroo, come to Foderoo. Or, you know, go to both."

The $8 cover and all proceeds go directly to Foder and his family.