Pres Pub Annex Set to Open Soon

While the West family's plans to open an event space, Scruffy City Hall, in conjunction with their Preservation Pub may take longer than originally planned, a portion of that area at 32 Market Square will be put to use in the short-term within the next four to six weeks. The Pub Annex will be a non-smoking, no-cover auxiliary—capacity 49—one façade down from the rest of the establishment that will be open on Fridays and Saturdays. The Annex will remain in use until construction begins on Scruffy City Hall, the Wests' planned event space for acts too expensive or too high-drawing for the Preservation Pub.

Timing on the two-story event space will depend on a few factors: First, says Scott West, "we'd like a little break before another big development project, decompress a little bit." Finances are another, he says; and the speed of the construction. It all means anywhere from six months to a year before Scruffy City Hall opens its doors.

Also in the short term, look for the Pub to unveil the full glory of its Moonshine Roof Garden within the next two months. The Garden's Magic Beer Tree is now functioning, with a cooler and a tap for each "sap." Next up is to finish the outer sculpture that will actually make it look like a tree, the wood fashioned from textured cement. The bar itself will be underlit by LED lights exposing metallic layers of tree roots and beetles, or as West describes it, "glowing lights of awesomeness."