Plainclothes Tracy Plans One Last Summer Fling

With one round of big changes behind them—two members have just graduated from the University of Tennessee—the members of Plainclothes Tracy are setting up for a whirlwind summer before another round of life-altering moves brings their six-year run to an end.

Singer Kym Hawkins is moving to New York in the fall to begin a graduate poetry program at Sarah Lawrence College. Until then, though, the band— which also features guitarists Brian Kelly and Jonathan Kahler, bassist Blake Sensenbach, and drummer Eric Grass—plans to play as much as possible to support their brand-new EP, Buffalo!, and may even record a full-length album before Hawkins' departure.

"We all realized, ‘Hey, it was pretty easy to put this six-song EP together. Why don't we do it more often?'" Hawkins says.

It took Plainclothes Tracy four years—and multiple recording sessions—to produce their self-titled 2010 EP. After significant lineup changes, including Kahler's move to Chicago in January, the band finally pulled Buffalo! together after a year of writing and recording.

"We've all been so busy with school," Hawkins says. "The last year has been pretty crazy as far as real life goes, but we finally got it all together during finals week."