PBS Show About Knoxville Music Will Play Here... Eventually

Knoxville will be famous this weekend, but not in Knoxville.

A PBS show partly about Knoxville music may air in several national markets weeks before we get to see it here.

Last August, the crew of public television's Music Voyager—aired typically on the third PBS channel, Create, at the discretion of local programmers—spent a full day in Knoxville shooting a segment about local music, pegged to WDVX's one-of-a-kind daily live-radio show Blue Plate Special. Music Voyager host Jacob Edgar conducted extensive interviews with Knoxville musicians R.B. Morris, Scott Miller, and the Black Lillies.

At the time, Edgar and co. said the show might air nationally in February. Contacted this week, a Music Voyager producer said it would be available for broadcast on Friday, Feb. 24. However, it won't run on local TV for a couple more months, says programming director Russ Manning. For reasons he doesn't understand, the MV folks have been promoting the show around the state, even with public events in Chattanooga and elsewhere, but not in Knoxville. (Music Voyager is not an official PBS show, and seems to have some issues with communication; on its own website, Knoxville's not listed among the markets that carry the show.)

The East Tennessee segment, which will also include some footage from Bristol, is one of four Tennessee-based shows to be run consecutively. Manning says he likes the show, and ETPBS airs them whenever they become available. He expects to air the show in April, probably on a Friday night on WETP's main channel.

UPDATE: The East Tennessee episode of Music Voyager will be broadcast locally on April 5 on East Tennessee PBS.