PBS Series 'Music Voyager' Lands in Knoxville

Hosted by world-music insider and ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar, Music Voyager is a trendy travel show on PBS's Create TV network that explores places around the globe by way of their local music. Recent episodes have found Edgar and his crew in India, Jamaica, and Colombia. The self-styled adventurers used all that experience to prepare themselves for their latest project, Knoxville.

The crew spent part of last week walking around downtown as part of a show that will examine the Music Highway—a vague concept connecting Bristol to Memphis by way of Knoxville and Nashville. Edgar found the right folks to show them around, namely singer/songwriters R.B. Morris and Scott Miller, and along the way witnessed both those stalwarts perform at last Tuesday's live Blue Plate Special at WDVX. Cameramen were on hand to catch the capacity crowd. Regular host Red Hickey gave Edgar a stool of honor, and let him speak briefly. As far as he knows, Edgar said, Knoxville's daily live-audience radio show is literally "unique." The afternoon found them at various points around downtown, paying homage to the Everly Brothers plaque, the Andrew Johnson building where Hank Williams enjoyed his final hours, and partway across the Gay Street Bridge.

The show will probably air in February. Music Voyager airs on ETPBS-3 on Monday at 9:30 p.m., as well as a few less-prime times during the week.