PBS Music Series 'Music Voyager' Will Land in East Tennessee in April

East Tennessee PBS confirms that public television's national Music Voyager travel series episodes about Tennessee, which is apparently already running in some parts of the country, will air here on Thursdays in April at 8:30 p.m. Though other episodes in the global series have previously been aired on the network's Create channel, this series will air on ETPBS's main channel in the Knoxville market.

A segment shot late last summer covers Johnson City and Knoxville. It will be the first of the Tennessee Music Highway shows to air here, on April 5. In it, the show's ethnomusicologist/host Jacob Edgar surveys a Black Lillies show, visits WDVX's Blue Plate Special, and interviews local heroes Scott Miller and R.B. Morris.

The three other installments in the four-part Music Highway miniseries, covering music hot spots across the state, will appear on subsequent Thursdays.