New Workshops Exhibit Fills First Friday Gap

The list of center-city galleries participating in First Friday contracted last year with the closing of the Basement Gallery and Host Clothing in the Old City. Some of that's made up by the opening of The Workshops at 514 W. Jackson Ave., a new warehouse space near the 100 block of Gay Street that's being converted into a gallery, at least temporarily. The Workshops' first exhibit, Jacob Stanley's Remodeling Suspended, will open Friday, April 3, with a reception from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

"I've collected a lot of material from renovations in downtown and I'm suspending them back into a space that's slated for renovation," says Stanley, a graduate student and instructor in art at the University of Tennessee. "So the title works in a literal sense—when you're remodeling a building, there's a point where it looks like you're tearing the building down. But also, with the economy and so many construction projects put on hold, it holds up conceptually as well."