New Old City Music Store Hot Horse Open for Business

Hot Horse, a new record/musical equipment/etc. store at 108 E. Jackson Ave. in the Old City, opened for business last week. The stock so far includes a few hundred LPs, with more coming in, half a dozen electric guitars, assorted gear like strings and drumsticks, and a room full of clothing left over from the recently shuttered Old City vintage store Legacy.

Hot Horse (the name appears to come from a song by the industrial music pioneers Foetus, aka Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel and You've Got Foetus on Your Breath) is a collaboration among Jason Boardman of Pilot Light (which is right next door to Hot Horse), former Raven Records owner and go-to vinyl guy Jay Nations, Lost and Found Records, Legacy, and Music Room Guitars. Expect hours to be slightly unpredictable at first, but the schedule's supposed to settle in at noon to 10 p.m.