MIc Harrison, Black Cadillacs Set Release Dates for New Albums

We've already dropped a couple of hints about Still Wanna Fight, the forthcoming album from Mic Harrison and the High Score: "Sometime this spring" was about as precise a projected release date as we could pin down. Until now, that is.

Still Wanna Fight is officially due out on July 3, but Harrison and the High Score (guitarists Robbie Trosper and Chad Pelton, bassist Vance Hillard, and drummer Brad Henderson) will unofficially release the new disc locally on Friday, June 1, when they play at the Well in Bearden with Abby Owens and the Theorizt.

Harrison and the High Score are also scheduled to play the recently revived Tennessee Shines broadcast/concert series at WDVX on Monday, May 13.

Still Wanna Fight was produced by Scott Minor at his Wild Chorus studio. The track listing is: "Don't Change Your Plans," "Bigger Place to Hide, "Things You Remember," Rock and Roll Clothes," "Out of the Blue," "Cracked Windshield," "Here Comes My Baby," "Ruin of My Days," "Good Thing," "Your Shadow," "This Is a Notice," and "The Colonel Is Dead."

Also on the near horizon: Run, the second album from the hard-working local blues/roots-rock band the Black Cadillacs. The band has been on the road all over the Southeast for much of the last nine months; they have two big local shows coming up soon. The first is the Volapalooza concert at the University of Tennessee intramural fields near Andy Holt Avenue, opening for Ziggy Marley, Big Gigantic, and Three 6 Mafia. That's followed by a CD release show at the Square Room on Friday, May 18, with the Floorwalkers.