Metro Pulse Celebrates 20 Years of Local Music With August Festival

Back in 1991, when the first issues of a curious little biweekly newspaper called Metro Pulse first appeared, the idea of covering the local music scene seemed like a novelty. After all, who wanted to read about local musicians playing to a few dozen people at Cumberland Avenue dives and Fort Sanders house parties?

It turns out that quite a few people did, and Metro Pulse has since reported on the rise (and sometimes fall, and sometimes rise again) of now-legendary local acts Superdrag, the V-Roys, Donald Brown, R.B. Morris, Scott Miller, Todd Steed, and Robinella, as well as contemporary contenders the Black Lillies, the Dirty Guv'nahs, Royal Bangs, and Jill Andrews, not to mention dozens of other local rock, rap, jazz, country, alt-country, punk, metal, and blues bands. Times (and the Internet) have caught up with us, but we like to think that MP and the local music scene are inextricably linked.

So, in celebration of the paper's 20th anniversary, we're organizing a one-night music festival featuring a dream lineup of (at least) two decades' worth of local bands and solo performers. Set for Friday, Aug. 19, the festival—scheduled for Latitude 35, Preservation Pub, and the Square Room on Market Square, and Barley's Taproom and Patrick Sullivan's in the Old City, with more venues expected to be announced soon—has booked Mic Harrison and the High Score, Taylor Brown and Company, Jake Winstrom, Teenage Love, Senryu, a reunited Mito Band, and the Westside Daredevils, with many more names to be announced soon. It will be a look back on the last 20 years, and a look ahead to the next 20.