'Metro Pulse' and Pilot Light Serve Up New Happy Hour Music Series

In the most recent issue of The New Yorker, there is a profile of David Eagleman, a scientist who is studying the gap between time as it exists—the unstoppable, unchanging tick of the cosmic clock—and how we perceive it, as an elastic band that stretches and contracts based on experience and circumstance. He should consider some experiments with middle-aged people and rock clubs; nothing demonstrates our changing perception of time like the difference between midnight when you're 22 and when you're 40.

In an effort to close that gap and fool the physical laws of the universe, Metro Pulse and Pilot Light are teaming up for a new series of monthly (or so) early evening concerts featuring local bands you might otherwise only be able to see well after dark. The first installment of the Metro Pulse Music Hour will be held on Thursday, April 28, at 6 p.m. at Pilot Light in the Old City. The eccentric local electronic chamber pop ensemble Shortwave Society will play, and members of the MP staff will be on hand after their mid-afternoon naps.

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