Members of Superdrag Get Together as Ramones Cover Band Warthog

On Superdrag's later albums, the "pop" tended to overshadow the "power" part of the power-pop equation. But in its early days, the band was just as capable of three-chord thunder as bittersweet Beatles harmonies. So it's no big surprise—even if it is a welcome return—that original Superdrag members John Davis and Tom Pappas have banded together to perform a set of Ramones covers as Warthog. Davis and Pappas, along with Sam Powers (who replaced Pappas on bass in the late 1990s, after the album Head Trip in Every Key) and drummer Joey Sanchez for the first Warthog show on Feb. 6 in Nashville; they're reprising the Warthog gig at Barley's Taproom on Friday, Feb. 26. (The name of the band comes from Dee Dee Ramone's song "Wart Hog," from the Ramones' 1984 album Too Tough to Die.)