Members of Cold Hands and Wolf at the Door Come Back Together as Echoes

It's been about as productive as a long-term hiatus can be—ever since putting the band on hold a few years ago, the members of Knoxville postpunk band Cold Hands have stayed pretty busy. Several former members almost immediately regrouped in the surf-punk group the HiLites, and drummer Gene Priest started a brooding, folk-tinged solo project. That evolved into a six-piece band called Wolf at the Door, which brought Priest and former Cold Hands bassist Henry Gibson back together. (Gibson also briefly played bass in Royal Bangs.) Now Priest, Gibson, and Wolf at the Door guitarist Brian Woodruff are working together as Echoes. The new band combines the atmospheric, Radiohead-inspired grandeur of Wolf at the Door with the stuttering, dance-punk rhythms of Cold Hands on its debut four-song EP, We Give You Escape, scheduled for release on Aug. 20.

"We all grew up listening to and loving Brit-rock, so naturally when we began writing, these influences come through," according to the band's promotional material. "We create music drawing influence from some of our favorite bands we grew up on. Our goal is to expand on the sound laid in front of us by bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, and U2. We live to make depressing music that is still highly danceable."