Maryville Glam Rockers Gun*Slinger Are Back in Action

Glam metal is a potent force. Maryville cock-rockers Gun*Slinger called it quits back in January, but the break-up only lasted a few months—the band members' love of spandex, hairspray, and sleazy power ballads was just too strong. The band has patched up its differences and regrouped to record its first album, expected out by the end of August.

"We decided to go forward with it," says singer/guitarist Cole Graham, who formed the band after spending his teenage years in the early '00s obsessed with Gun N' Roses and other L.A. glam bands from the 1980s. "It's been frustrating trying to shake the stigma that we're a tribute band, when what we're trying to do is make original hair metal in the 2000s. Back in January we decided we wanted to try different things. Knoxville's a hard town to break into; that took a toll on us. But after a while we just decided this is what we wanted to do and fate brought us back together."

Graham says the band will release teasers of the upcoming 12-song self-titled album soon.