Magpie Suite Reunites for One More Show

The last time the members of Knoxville rock band Magpie Suite played together, at a reunion show in 2010 at Manhattan's in the Old City, they attracted a full house.

"We packed the place out," says drummer Dave DeWitt. "There were at least 150 people there, and I was hoping for 50. They even ran out of beer."

Magpie Suite—DeWitt, singer/guitarist Matt Woods, guitarist Denny Myers, and bassist Daniel Brooks—formed in 1998 and performed regularly through the early '00s, until Brooks moved to Fairfax, Va. They have only performed sporadically since then—the 2010 Manhattan's gig, and a 2005 show to commemorate the closing of the Spot on Kingston Pike, which was the band's favored venue during its prime run.

They'll be making another rare appearance later this month at the Well in Bearden, which is owned by former Spot co-owner Gina Truitt. Tickets for the Saturday, Dec. 29, show ($7) are available at

"Every once in a while, one of the guys will say, hey, we need to do a show," DeWitt says.

DeWitt now owns Shed 55 Studios in West Knoxville, and occasionally plays drums on local recordings. (Among his recent credits are Kevin Abernathy's Some Stories from earlier this year and the American Peacemakers' self-titled debut.) Woods has remained active, too, as a solo singer/songwriter. He released The Matt Woods Manifesto in 2011.