Look for New Music from Angel Zuniga

Singer/songwriter Angel Zuniga, formerly of Angel and the Love Mongers, has treated local audiences to a few performances as a solo act this winter. If you haven't seen him out for a couple of months, though, that's because he's been busy working on a new solo album with bassist Dave Slack and drummer Frank Sheadrick.

Zuniga and his new band have recorded five songs for The Cage at Allen Smith's alsstudio in Knoxville, and will start working on the eight remaining songs soon.

"I love this studio, and I love the comfortable, laid-back atmosphere that Allen creates," Zuniga writes in an e-mail about the recording. "He's a very cool guy, and a talented studio engineer.... David has been functioning as the co-producer of the project, and we are all very happy with the sound we have gotten on the five songs we have in the can so far."