Local Synth-Pop Band Yung Life Prepares New Album and New Sound

It's no secret that we're fans of Yung Life's dreamy synth-pop sound, so when we heard the band had just returned to the studio, we had to get the scoop.

"We've been working on our next album for a year now," says band member Elliott White. "And in the past two to three months we've gone in and been recording the finalized versions of things."

White says it could be a while before the new album drops—it could be anywhere from late this year to next spring before the mastering is complete—and until then, the band is laying pretty low, skipping most opportunities for local performances.

But that's not the biggest news. White says the new album will have a completely different sound.

"I guess we've kind of made a lot of transitions," White says. "We're really leaving the '80s thing behind. … There's no throwback vibe anymore."

White says Yung Life originally set out to make a concept album. But as the band members got more into their work, something totally unexpected—and more collaborative—emerged.

"I think it's a lot different than what we've done in the past," White says. "It's a little more in-depth. Not so much pop songs."

If you're as curious as we are as to what the new songs sound like, you're in luck—Yung Life will be playing on Oct. 4 at Pilot Light with Sammy Slims from Cleveland, Ohio. Until then, the band's staying in the studio.