Local Singer/Songwriter Jeff Barbra's Song Helps Unitarian Campaign

The Standing on the Side of Love campaign, a national program sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association to support gay rights, immigration reform, and strengthened hate-crimes laws, has picked up local songwriter/Drunk Uncles frontman Jeff Barbra's song "My God" ("My God's not Republican or a Democrat/He's so much bigger than all of that"). Standing on the Side of Love head Dan Furmansky posted a video of the song, featuring stock footage of the mountains and Gandhi around a sepia-toned shot of Barbra singing and playing guitar, to the campaign's website on April 22.

"It's a beautiful song," Furmansky wrote in the post. "I told Jeff after I listened to ‘My God' that it reminded me of when I testified for the first time before the House Judiciary Committee in my home state of Maryland against an anti-gay constitutional amendment. A staunchly conservative, very anti-gay delegate asked me in an accusing voice after my testimony if I believed in God.

"I was absolutely floored by the question.

"I told her it was an entirely inappropriate question to be asked in a state government building, and on a public policy issue, no less. But she was adamant that I answer, and the Committee Chair did not rule her out of order.

"I thought for a few seconds (which seemed like minutes), and decided to speak my heart.

"‘Delegate,' I told her, ‘I do believe in God. But my God is nothing like your God.'"