Local Musicians Celebrate Rick Wolfe and the Joy of Music School

For 13 years, the Joy of Music School has provided instruments, private lessons, classes, and music supplies at no cost to Knoxville's under-resourced children. The school operates on a purely volunteer basis and accepts nearly 120 students a week who participate in everything from private lessons to choir rehearsals. In addition to exposing the importance of music education in East Tennessee, the school was recently featured on ABC's new reality TV venture Secret Millionaire, earning national exposure and overdue acclaim for their under-funded services. On Saturday, March 12, in an effort to garner even more support—and host a plain old good time—the school was the beneficiary of Wolfe Jam, a benefit in memory of the late local musician Rick Wolfe, who died of cancer in 2007. Besides creating a packed and enthusiastic atmosphere at Barley's Taproom, the night featured an impressive lineup of local musicians: Davis Mitchell, Quartjar, Matt Woods, the Bearded, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet, and Wolfe's former band, the MacDaddies. And as the beer continued to flow, the night ended with a stage-packing jam that highlighted the mission of the school—music.