Local Label El Deth Returns From From... Deth

El Deth, the eccentric local label and studio run by Arrison Kirby, has resurfaced in the last few weeks after a two-year hibernation. The first sort-of new project for Kirby has been the release of his band Obadiah's Rebirthday, a newly edited and mastered disc of sessions recorded in 2005. (You can read a review in last week's Metro Pulse.)

Kirby says his commitment to El Deth faded in 2007 after Obadiah broke up. "I have more time to dedicate to this again," he says. "I've been working on things throughout the hiatus. I have all these old sessions that have never been released, and now I've got a new vision for the whole thing, and new ideas."

Next up: revamping the website, a project that's already underway at eldeth.com, and the release of Matgo Primo's 2004 Halloween set, Dead and Live.

"El Deth held a bunch of Halloween shows, and 2004 waaas a really big one," Kirby says. "It was one of Matgo Primo's early shows, it was at a tree farm in Philadelphia, Tenn., and everybody had a really good time. October is the five-year anniversary, and we've got a really good recording of Matgo Primo's set that I've remixed and remastered."