"Local Hippie Dude" Mac Comer Makes His Way Out West

The city lost its resident Local Hippie Dude on May 24 when singer/songwriter Mac Comer played his last show as a Knoxvillian at Preservation Pub, fronting his jam-rock outfit, the Coo Cool Kidders.

A presence on the local scene since his late teens, the 31-year-old Comer became a recognizable figure hereabouts in the mid-'00s when his laid-back brand of bucolic groove-rock caught on at local clubs, along with his nickname and the accompanying poster meme "Support Your Local Hippie Dude."

A local school teacher, Comer says he's quitting his job and moving west to Denver, Colo., to make a run at the brass ring in his music career against the backdrop of a bigger city. "I need a creative reboot, a change of scenery," he says. "I want to work toward the goal of moving from a regional to a national performer. And I think they have a good bluegrass and jam-band scene there, so I'd be a good fit."

But Comer says he still plans to be an intermittent presence on the Knoxville scene. "I'd like to come back and play every few months," he says. "I have so many friends here."

Comer recently released his third album, Hyperbolic Length. A video of the title cut is available on YouTube, filmed at the Square Room downtown.