Local CD Review: Teenage Love13, 'Street Zombie'

Teenage Love13

Street Zombie

Well into their third decade together, Teenage Love (now officially Teenage Love13 in its latest incarnation) may be a more reliable band than they were during their late-1980s heyday, when they carried the freak flag a little too enthusiastically for Knoxville's punk and hardcore scene. This new EP is a grab bag—old songs, one new song, and a cover of Knox rock pioneers 5 Twins' "Calling Me Names"—but it captures the band as a tight and loud musical ensemble, something you couldn't always count on during their initial run. (That ensemble includes Metro Pulse contributor John Sewell on bass.) Here they show themselves capable of making a thundering racket, from the sharp re-recording of the old hard-and-fast chestnut "Street Zombie" to the bludgeoning power rock of brand-new "Cheers Motherf--kers," a signature tune it's taken the band 25 years to write.