Local CD Review: La Basura Del Diablo

La Basura Del Diablo
Trash From the Crypt (Haunted House Records)

While Knoxville's self-described "lo-fi horror trash" band La Basura Del Diablo ("The Devil's Trash") is somewhat uncelebrated hereabouts, the band have become bona fide heroes of the sub-underground garage-punk scene in Germany, where a handful of their 7-inch singles have become collector's items, selling out immediately upon release. Hopefully the band's first long-player, Trash From the Crypt, will generate the same kind of momentum locally that the band has in Germany.

Song titles like "Burn Witch Burn," "I Was a Teenage Ripper," and "Flesh Eater" make it pretty clear exactly what you'll get. Trash From the Crypt should be shelved somewhere alongside the Mummies, the Devil Dogs, and early recordings by the New Bomb Turks—that is to say, the album is chock-full of crash-and-burn punk sleaze. Each song delivers lyrics about psychotronic B-movie gore, with crashing drums and throbbing bass (when you can hear it). The recording—well, it's audible. Let's just say that the band is not burdened by modern studio techniques such as Auto-Tune, excess compression, and the like.

Somewhere in the album's sheer crudeness lies its danger and allure—these guys just don't give a damn. The proper listening strategy for this kind of stuff is: 1.) crank it up, 2.) have a beer, 3.) crank it up louder, 4.) have another beer, and 5.) crank it up louder still.

La Basura Del Diablo features two veterans of the Knoxpunk scene: Whitey Mack, formerly of the Slugboys, on vocals and Greg Swift, formerly of Torture Kitty and Homewrecker, on lead guitar. [Editor's note: Sewell also played in Torture Kitty.] The lineup is capably rounded out by bassist Chris Howler and drummer Danny Diablo.

At present, the album is only available on CD, but the vinyl-obsessed band promises an LP in the immediate future. Trash From the Crypt offers plenty of quick and cheap thrills, but the way to experience the band best is when they're onstage at some dirty dive, destroying speakers, blowing minds, and killing livers. Catch them live with Nashville's Alucard and rockabilly hellcats Kay Walker and the Marble City 3 on Saturday, March 30, at the Well.