Local CD Review: The Gentleman Conspiracy: 'Volcano Attack'

The Gentleman Conspiracy

Volcano Attack

This new EP from local quartet the Gentleman Conspiracy covers a lot of ground in just 16 minutes. Classic pop song structures, scruffy punk production, and stabs of New Wave synths and danceable rhythms collide across the five tracks on Volcano Attack. Further complication comes from the stack of outside contributions—from members of local bands Plainclothes Tracy, the Hotshot Freight Train, the KVillains, Johnny Astro and the Big Bang, and more—but the Conspiracy guys keep the proceedings in some form of check. The overstuffed title track threatens to fly out of control, but at its best moments ("Take It to the Gym," "My Moves," minus the creepy/cheesy spoken interlude) Volcano Attack shows off wide-ranging command.