Lil Iffy Starts Crowd-Funding Effort for New Album

Wil Wright's wild ride as wizard rapper Lil Iffy has taken on a life of its own—a life that includes a new online crowd-funding effort to pay for Iffy's next album.

"The last two years have been pure magic," reads (Metro Pulse contributor) Wright's message, where he's seeking pledges to raise money for Wand Out, his third album as the Harry Potter-themed hip-hop act. "From Wandcore, national tour after tour, and our video landing on MTV-u to Wand Ambition, widespread accolades (including Metro Pulse's Best Hip-Hop award and Daytrotter's Best of 2012 list), and performing at the Bonnaroo music festival, we have been living out some kind of bizarre and wonderful dream. We have made it so far, balling on a most-limited budget, yet keeping our music free of charge. All of our work and fight have led to the creation if our new album, Wand Out. That's where YOU come in: we need your help."

Pledge packages start at $10—which comes with a download of the album plus recording updates—and include extras like posters, beer coozies, physical copies of the new disc, T-shirts, a custom one-minute rap ($250), a sculpted medallion ($500), and a private concert ($1,000). For $2,000, you can get all the incentives.

The campaign runs through Oct. 26.